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English Grammar in Use (4) The Use of Capital Letters

7:30 AM / Posted by 2easy_Team /

The Use of Capital Letters

Capital letters are used at the beginning of:

1- Names of person, cities, towns,
countries, regions, rivers, mountains and seas:

Ahmed-Magdi-Cairo-New York-Iraq-Egypt-Sudan
- The Arab Republic of Egypt
The Nile - The Mokattam Hills - The Mediterranean - The Red Sea.

2- Adjectives formed from proper nouns:

Egyptian - Syrian - English - German - Russian - etc.

3- The first letter of the first word of every new sentence.

4- The first word of a quotation:

He said to me, "Please lend me your book".

5- The names of months, days of the week and festivals:

January - February - March - April - May, etc.

Saturday - Sunday - Monday - Tuesday, etc.

Ramadan - Christmas - Sham El Nessem.

6- Titles of offices and descriptive titles

The President

The Vice President

The Minister of Education

Dr. Kamel-Mr.Adly-Mr. Ramzy - Professor Magdi.

7- Forms of addresses in letters:

Dear Sir - Dear Mis - Dear Friend, etc.

8- Titles of books, newspapers, magazines;

The Citadel - Cleopatra - El Ayam. etc.

Al Ahmram - the Egyptian Gazette. The Times. etc.

9- The word "God" and Pronouns that stands for it:

We pray to "God" so that "He" may help us.



Comment by kvrg on August 10, 2013 at 9:01 AM

thanq for giving good information..

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